3 Guidelines To Follow After Experiencing Sexual Harassment At Work

Any harassment of a sexual nature is classified as a type of discrimination. You can sue someone that has made unwelcome advances to you, requested favors in exchange for sex, or made any sensual physical and verbal conduct towards you for harassment. Typically, the advances ruin your employment status and also make it hard to perform as you should at work. If someone has created a hostile workplace environment for you through their sexual advances, you can bring a sexual harassment lawsuit against them. Here are three guidelines that will help your harassment case.

Understand What Harassment Includes

These cases are challenging because sometimes it is hard to prove the other person violated your boundaries. However, having some ideas on what constitutes discrimination can help you handle cases. Comments on a person's appearance and uncomfortable stories about intimacy are part of harassment. Someone who follows you around or spreads rumors that you slept with someone to get ahead is also harassing you. Suggestive dialogues, emails, telephone conversations, sexist and vulgar language also qualify as harassment. It would be best to record all the advances from the person as it will help your case. Also, don't wait for the violence to become physical before making a report.

Inform the Person that You're Not Interested

You also need to make it clear you are not interested in the sexual advances immediately after they start making them. Most people who perpetrate the abusive behavior do it because they have cooperative or complacent victims. It might be challenging to set boundaries with someone in a position of power over you, but that makes your case easier to win. Be very firm and assertive when putting the person firmly in their place and ensure you do not create a situation where they claim you welcomed their behavior.

Speak to a Lawyer

If you have taken the necessary steps to stop the perpetrator from making advances towards you and the person persists, consider getting a lawyer. Do not tell the perpetrator of your plans to sue them before speaking to the lawyer. An employment attorney will carefully assess your case and help you determine whether you have enough evidence.

The outcome of your lawsuit depends on how well you collect the evidence. Engage a sexual harassment lawyer as early as possible. You can get their advice on how to handle the matter without getting retribution in the future or becoming a victim again.

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